Enfield Lib Dems pressure council to address dangerous North Circular crossing

26 May 2023

Enfield Lib Dem campaigner and local parent Steven Adderley has been leading pressure on the council to reconsider a pelican crossing on the North Circular in Enfield that is regularly used by schoolchildren. The crossing allows only 9 seconds for people to cross, often leaving children stuck waiting at a narrow island in the middle of the carriageway.

Steven said “The island in the middle of four busy traffic lanes is extremely narrow and, given how fidgety some children can be, this is a clear safety risk for those attending Bowes.”

Transport for London claim to have altered the crossing duration during school run hours, although subsequent observations by local Lib Dems have seen no difference.

Lauren Fulbright, the Lib Dem parliamentary spokesperson for Enfield Southgate, said “It is unbelievable that TfL, who are responsible for the North Circular and the traffic lights, and Enfield Council, who are responsible for the local traffic schemes, are unable to co-ordinate with each other and take some simple steps to improve the safety of children going to and from school.

“We are disappointed that despite claiming to have increased the time available to cross, this appears not to have been carried out, and feel that this improved time should be provided throughout the day, not just at school times.”