Guy's Priorities for Enfield & Haringey

Guy's plan for Enfield & Haringey

A lifelong local resident, I will fight to restore trust in politics in our area by delivering on the issues that affect our daily lives.

Our two boroughs deserve so much better. Looking around at the moment, it feels like everything is broken. Buses run late, our parks are being sold off, hardly anyone trusts the police, young people are priced out of the area or living in flats in awful condition, small businesses struggle, and our arts, culture and hospitality industry is on its knees. It's no wonder nobody has trust in politics to make our lives better anymore. I want to show that we can deliver on these key issues and make a real difference to all of our lives. I want to restore your trust in politics again.

A 456 bus
Whitewebbs Park
A police car
Arial view of Enfield
Guy pulling a pint
Guy's manifesto